High-speed Internet outside 3G / 4G networks Powerful 4G Internet Amplifiers
WHAT ARE 4G SIGNAL AMPLIFIERS? Internet signal amplifiers are modern popular devices designed to expand the coverage area of mobile Internet providers. Amplifiers are used as an alternative to a standard USB modem or router in places with uncertain signal reception or outside the coverage area, often being the only way to connect to the mobile Internet network By installing an Internet booster, you will get a stable connection to the mobile data network at the highest possible speed. The use of the amplifier can significantly increase the comfort and convenience when using mobile Internet services.
FAST INTERNET CONNECTION ANYWHERE The connection created with the help of Internet signal amplifiers is almost identical in its characteristics to the traditional wired method of Internet access. Easy installation and configuration, wide mounting options and standard amplifier interfaces allow you to quickly and easily get a full Internet connection at the highest possible speed. Signal amplifiers will be indispensable when connecting country houses and cottages, offices and business centers, basements and detached buildings, shops, cafes and other small business facilities, mobile points of sale, cash registers, ATMs and terminals, when installing video surveillance or smart home systems.
Confident signal At a distance of up to 25 km from the base station
  • Connecting at a distance of up to 25 km
  • Works in 3G/Lte networks of any operators
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • easy Sim card replacement
  • Working in GSM / 3G/LTE bands
  • All-weather version (ip 67)
  • The standard lan interface (ethernet)
  • produced in Russia
  • 1 year warranty


  • Amplification: 12,5 — 16 dBi
  • Distance: 10 км
  • Interface: USB
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  • Amplification: 12,5 — 16 dBi
  • Distance: 15 км
  • Interface: LAN
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  • Amplification: 20 — 22 dBi
  • Distance: 25 км
  • Interface: LAN
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Antenna elements in the amplifier housing provide amplification up to 22 dBi and allow you to establish a stable connection at a distance of up to 25 km from the BS. any mobile provider


MIMO technology used in signal amplifiers allows you to expand the bandwidth of the channel and provides the highest possible speed of data reception and transmission.


If you connect the Internet using a signal amplifier in your office or other small business facility, you will start saving on Internet communication services from 1 month of use.


The amplifiers are equipped with standard interfaces (USB or LAN), which provides easy integration with any local networks and gives you a wide range of options for choosing the installation location.


The SIM slot on the amplifier case allows you to install or replace a Mini-SIM standard SIM card in a matter of seconds.


The case is made of durable plastic that is resistant to UV radiation. The product integrity class IP 67 allows installation of amplifiers on external facades, roofs, etc.


МО, с. Михайловское Street II Pro загрузка: 75 Мбит/с.

до установки: 5-7 Мбит/с.

МО, д. Селиваниха Street II загрузка: 40 Мбит/с.

до установки: 2-5 Мбит/с.

МО, СНТ Кубинка-1 Street II Pro загрузка: 67 Мбит/с.

до установки: 13-20 Мбит/с.

МО, Шатурский р-н Street Ultra Pro загрузка: 17 Мбит/с.

до установки: нет сигнала

ТЦ «Горбушкин двор» Street II загрузка: 33 Мбит/с.

до установки: 5-8 Мбит/с.

Москва, автомойка Street II загрузка: 57 Мбит/с.

до установки: 10-12 Мбит/с.

МО, Промзона Street II загрузка: 17 Мбит/с.

до установки: нет сигнала

МО, Завод ЖБИ Street II Pro загрузка: 50 Мбит/с.

до установки: 9-12 Мбит/с.

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All devices are manufactured in the Russian Federation under factory conditions, pass pre-sale quality control and thorough configuration and alignment of the built-in antenna elements.


All Internet signal amplifiers are guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of 1 year, as well as post-warranty service.


Signal amplifiers purchased in our online store can be sent to any country in the World via transport companies to the TC terminal or to the recipient's address.


You can return the purchased device to our store without explanation. You can read more about the terms and conditions for returning the product here.

Ys System weak signal amplifiers

GSM LTE signal amplifiers are designed to expand the coverage area of mobile Internet providers. YS System company specializes in the production and sale of such devices at a low price. Our amplifiers will help you organize a confident and clear reception of 3G-4G signal in areas with unstable mobile communications. We offer you to buy a GSM LTE signal amplifier directly from the manufacturer in Moscow. On our website are the models at the price of 15 500 rubles. For this minimal cost, you will get fast and stable access to the world wide web, comparable in speed to the wired Internet. We will help you ensure fast and stable communication:
  • In the country;
  • In the village;
  • In the forest;
  • In the basement;
  • And wherever there is no stable cellular connection.

Weak signal of 4G Internet? Choose your solution

All mobile operators like to tell stories about how they are increasing their network coverage and about the availability of fast mobile Internet, even in the most remote areas. On TV, such ads run several times a day. However, in practice, the picture is often not so bright. Almost every resident of Russia has repeatedly faced a situation when it is necessary to leave the city for some 20 kilometers and the phone stops receiving anything stably. The beautiful " 4G "icon changes to a dull" E " and then the Internet signal disappears altogether. However, voice reception may remain stable. But why do we need voice communication if we were hoping to post a fresh post on Instagram and share our impressions with our subscribers when we went to nature or to the country? Or maybe after a hard day in the garden, we wanted to watch in the evening a fresh online series of your favorite series – but it was not there. There is no Internet, although we are only a few dozen kilometers away from the city and the cell tower should be nearby. Impressions of the trip are undoubtedly spoiled. What to do? How do I strengthen my 4G cellular signal? The answer is obvious – using an external antenna. YS System GSM LTE signal amplifiers are able to provide confident reception and high Internet speed at a distance of up to 25 km from the base station of the mobile operator.

In which places the phone does not catch the Internet well

Let's list the main reasons for uncertain signal reception:
  • Significant distance from the cell tower;
  • Terrain features: being in a lowland, forest belt, hills and mountainous terrain;
  • Being in the basement;
  • Use of shielding materials such as siding, metal and panels in the construction of buildings;
In General, the reasons for uncertain signal reception can be much more, we have listed only the main ones. The solution to the issue of organizing access to the global network is relatively inexpensive. It is easier and cheaper to amplify a 4G cellular signal using an antenna waiting for wired Internet providers to appear or buying expensive satellite equipment.

How much does the ys System mobile communication amplifier antenna cost

We are direct manufacturers of the equipment presented on our website. The cost of improving mobile communication using Street devices ranges from 15,500 to 27,000 rubles. The price of the device depends on its power and the availability of additional Wifi modules – a built-in WiFi router. All our devices are made in a weather-proof case, they easily integrate a SIM card of any operator, and they provide stable cellular communication in accordance with the stated characteristics. Buy a 4G Internet signal amplifier in our store in Moscow and forget what is a slow Internet or "no network signal at the dacha”.
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